Getting Started

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I can find it really hard to start things. It’s much easier to have ideas, I think. Harder to begin. Stuff gets in the way. Other projects. A busy work schedule. Instagram.

I’m starting this blog (is it a blog? Is that too 2008?) as a place to put my writings and ramblings.

Currently, anything I write just sits in my Google drive. This is essentially fine, but the documents have started to wave at me whenever I log in. They tell me they want other people to read them, which is a tad self-indulgent in my eyes, but there you go. However, when I think about posting them onto some sort of social media site, they change their tune,

“Oh, we’re not quite ready! Maybe work on us a little longer! We’re actually Not. Very. Good!”

So I’m going to put them in this blog. To shut them up. And really test the limits of my imposter syndrome.

I’m writing about Work — Life — and Balance, partly because these are the things that interest me and partly because I quite like how it sounds.

I’m writing about work, because my background is in Occupational Psychology and I’m a proud nerd.

I’m writing about life because, let’s face it, it’s a catch all for anything I want to talk about that doesn’t fall into the other two categories.

I’m also writing about balance, by which I mean mental health. This is probably the one I feel most anxious about, but also think that’s rather apt. I co-host a podcast called Freaking the F Out where we examine the inner working of our anxious minds. And now I’m going to put these anxieties on paper too. I just really know how to have a good time.

So this, rather short entry, will serve as the start of me doing something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Unfortunately, it seems that the only way to tackle the frustration of not doing something is to do it, I guess. And the only way to get over imposter syndrome is to think — yes, the anthropomorphised voices I appear to have given my google documents might be correct and I might be rubbish — but screw it. Hopefully some people will like my posts. And if I’ve got them to a point where I’m happy enough to share them on here, then that’s good enough for me. And more importantly, I’ll like that I’ve done it.



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Maddy Scott

Maddy Scott

Writing about Work — Life — and Balance. Co-host of Freaking the F Out — a podcast that examines the inner workings of our anxious minds.